Not crushing goals since 2017.

By some type of witchcraft – half of 2017 has gone. Finito. Where you at time?

The other day, I was scrolling through the notes on my phone and I come across my list of 2017 New Year’s resolutions.  Not afraid to admit it – I am one of those people. I love making goals and seeing them come alive.  Oh the satisfaction *drool*

Back in my religious phase (a story for another time), I used to write myself about 15 goals as the new year approached.  This list included things like; pray more (out loud of course because God only hears if its out loud), memorise more scriptures (so I can bust them out during religious arguments), be a quiet submissive woman (vomit), serve in the church more (brownie points with the leaders) and to be more selfless (to the point of not doing anything for yourself)… *coughs*

Well. Thank the heavens I am in a new life chapter now. I never quite nailed those 15 goals each year (no surprise there really), so I decided it was time to start being a little easier on myself and reduce to a solid list of 8 so I could convince myself that I was still moving forward in life but not being too cray.

As I read through the list of my 2017 goals, I realised something shocking.  I wasn’t nailing them at all.  Some in fact were in an even worse state than they were at the start of the year. So here she goes, the list exposed;

Would get a D minus:

  1. Swear less. Failing. Miserably.
  2. Drink more water. Does sprite zero count? Mostly failing.
  3. Exercise more. Ivan and I went to the gym in February but we ended up in the emergency department so we took that as a warning sign from God and haven’t been back since.
  4. Find miracle cure for cellulite. Still researching and am open to being a drug trial participant.

Not quite failing not quite nailing:

  1. Let things go quicker. Heading in the right direction with a reduction of about 24 hours.
  2. Control temper. Improvements made, still requires work.
  3. Keep all some opinions to myself. Still learning.


  1. Save money. A+. Trip to Europe coming up plus Ivan and I are saving up for something special next year.

On paper, things aren’t looking too flash here really. However, i’m not getting my tits in a tangle over it.  I don’t set goals to beat myself up about not reaching them, I set myself goals to constantly remind myself that being stagnant is never an option.  If I want something bad enough, I’ll get it. I know that in my heart.  This year so far has been full of great little surprises & I wouldn’t change a thing.

Life happens to us as we grind on day by day.  Goals that we hadn’t set out to achieve get accomplished and goals that we didn’t even know we had appear in front of us when life feels ready to present them. Things happen that we didn’t see coming and events such as civil wars, terrorist attacks, air strikes and an increasing numbers of refugees puts life and our goals in to true perspective.

I turn to Ivan and ask “What was your new years goal G?”. He says “To find love with you in the hard times”.  Well there it is. Love wins. Definitely remember reading that one in the bible.




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